The Most Unacceptable Gambling Fails

gambling fails

Before you attempt to step onto casino floor, there are several do’s and don’ts you need to have in mind. Some may seem obvious,but you’d be surprised at how many people would do and/or do the following things without a 2nd thought in mind. Pay attention to this article to find out if you’ve been doing it right and for further information check out Slots Mummy.

-Assuming that you will win

Any successful gambler knows that you start out every gambling session with the attitude that you’ll lose. It sounds like we’re dampening the mood, but assuming that you’ll win is a mistake because gambling is ultimately a game of chance.

-Assuming that you deserve a win

Just because you are having loss after loss, doesn’t mean that your heater is around the corner. Don’t re-assure yourself by saying ‘this slot will eventually pay out’ or the ‘I’m due a big win’. The ideal slot machine operates on 100% randomness.

-Trusting in your strategy

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in YouTube university looking for slot machine hacks/strategies, because just so you know; there are none. Again, because slot machines operate on randomness.

cheat on cards

-I will cheat the casino

Try your best and do what no man has ever succeeded because news alert; the house always wins. Plus it’s not worth entertaining this thought anyway because some excessive jail time is also part of the bargain. If you attempt this, you either end up with a lot of lost time, money or both.


-Bonus nut

These types of punters go nuts over the prospects offered on different casino signing bonuses. Every casino patron knows that being in a loyal relationship with your casino has amazing benefits to be reaped in the short and long run. New members are offered free rounds, free meals, casino complimentary services and more. Instead of hopping from one casino to another, handing over your private details, waiting through ridiculous waiting periods and more, you’d rather just identify one you like and stick with it. Don’t be a bonus nut.

Have you ever caught yourself doing one or more of the above? It’s not too late to make a change. Catch yourself next time before you make one of these epic gambling fails.


Fitness Equipment can be Expensive and Many Not-For-Profit Organizations Cannot Afford to buy Gym Equipment for their Facilities

One of the most difficult rooms in a house to move is a home gym. Gym equipment is heavy, difficult to carry and expensive to transport. But regardless, you have to do something with it come moving day and here are some tips to keep you organized and ready to move!


Sell, Sell, Sell

Selling things online nowadays is simple. Online marketplaces such as craigslist or usedvancouver for example allow you to sell anything you want for free! Selling your old equipment is easy and convenient as the people you sell your equipment to will have to pick it up as well. You’ll find that lots of people are looking for used equipment so make sure you price whatever your selling appropriately as you may be surprised how sought after home personal training equipment can be. If you don’t feel comfortable listing your equipment online, you can also go the old fashioned route and have a garage sale. Post flyers around your neighborhood and sell not only your old gym equipment but other things you don’t want as well.

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Give it Away

Fitness equipment can be expensive and many not-for-profit organizations cannot afford to buy gym equipment for their facilities. For example, a local school would be happy to accept any donated gym equipment as they always want to provide fitness option for the kids. If you don’t really need the money or want to deal with the hassle of selling, taking the road of a good Samaritan is a great option.

Buy, Buy, Buy

Now that you have sold or given away most of your home fitness equipment, you now have the money to buy new equipment! When you are thinking of buying equipment, make sure to reflect on what you had before and if you actually used all of the equipment. There will be no sense in buying another treadmill if you didn’t use the old one you had in your basement for the past 5 years. It’s also a good time to consider what new equipment is available to you and to do some research on brands and equipment quality. One thing I always like to do is check with my personal trainer friends who work with fitness equipment every day. Often times, they’ll have some really great ideas for ways to save money while getting the best quality equipment available.

No matter what you decide to do, moving can be seen as a time to upgrade much of the current equipment which will in the end avoid the hassle of moving and lugging around that heavy equipment

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Ascend the Nile Expedition team present Fortnum & Mason with the source of the Nile

Ascend the Nile Expedition team present Fortnum & Mason with the source of the Nile!

Neil McGrigor, co-leader of the Ascend the Nile team received a warm welcome back to Expedition partners, Fortnum & Mason today. He thanked all of the staff at the world famous store and made a presentation of a bottle containing water from the source of the Nile.

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On Friday 31 March Neil and his team, Cam McLeay and Garth MacIntyre became the first people to pinpoint the longest source of the Nile, located deep in the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda, East Africa. They were also the first to have made a complete ascent of the Nile from sea to source.

Simon Burdess, Buying Director of Fortnum & Mason accepted the gift from the team and promised to find a safe place for the bottle and its precious contents within the Fortnum & Mason archive of expedition memorabilia. Simon was particularly pleased to welcome Neil back to the store as he had been a part of the unusual “farewell” reception at the start of the Expedition in September 2005. On that day Piccadilly had been brought to a halt as one of the Expedition boats had been hoisted aloft on the front canopy of the prestigious store.

Throughout the Expedition’s 80 days Fortnum & Mason had delivered unique Chop Boxes and hampers full of their food and goodies to the team. A number of the hampers were presented to VIP’s along the way including the British Ambassador in Egypt and the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Rwanda, Protais Mitali. One of the more unusual presentations was made to the skipper of a cargo barge in the middle of the Sudd in Sudan. He and his crew had help load the all important fuel for the long trip across the uncharted swamp.

At the welcome reception Neil paid tribute to his team and to the many people who had assisted them throughout the five Countries. He said “I am so proud of the team’s achievement. It was incredibly tough and I am pretty sure no-one else can ever repeat the awesome journey.I am also proud and privileged to have met so many incredible people on this Expedition. Some have been particularly precious to the team and we will never forget them or their assistance”

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Debate Night Graphic

Third and Final Party Leaders’ TV debate: The Economy

On Thursday 29th April from 8.30pm, BBC One will host the final live Prime Ministerial Debate of the General Election from the Midlands. Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and David Cameron will again be going head to head in the run up to the General Election next Thursday.

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Debate Night Graphic

The first half of the 90 minute programme, chaired by Question Time host David Dimbleby, will debate the economy, with the remaining time to discuss other election issues. The debate will also be broadcast live on BBC Radio 4, with coverage starting at 8pm. You can submit your own question to the debate on the BBC website at

With Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg widely believed to have won the first two debates, this is the final opportunity to see the three leaders debating issues together directly before the General Election. Click here for more……

Best sneakers in 2016

Nothing is as sweet as sinking your feet in a couple of comfortable sneakers. With the correct match, you can run, bounce, move and go wild. However, sneakers today have gone past the domain of usefulness. It has now ruptured the limits of style. Also, with footwear virtuosos, for example, Nike and Adidas setting the benchmark for trendy footwear, it does not shock anyone that despite everything they hold the best combine of shoes this year. Haven’t found your best sneakers in 2016 yet? Be that as it may, alongside this rundown, we have likewise incorporated a few new augmentations of the most recent mold patterns for men that are an absolute necessity look at if you are hoping to grow your accumulation for the coolest tennis shoe gathering:

Under Armor Curry 2 “MVP”

At the point when NBA player Stephen Curry when his second back to back MVP, he turned into the primary player to win collectively, the Under Armor was likewise discharged in the meantime, as a piece of the present men mold patterns. This VWP Back 2 Back, contained a two-indicate pack, that highlights a more PE like the variant of its past form, the Curry 1 MVP. While the previous rendition wore an urban cool look, with upper showy metallic gold features, the Curry 2 was more inconspicuous, offering a yellow to dark safe on the upper, with MVP weaved on the tongue. Inside simple minutes, it was sold out, putting it on the design patterns rundown of must-have shoes. Wear your lucky sneaker to play and win the popular games.


Y-3 Pure Boost ZG Knit

While the Y-3 Pure Boost ZG Knit came out with a big name co-sign, it was at that point a famous decision for the must-have men design patterns. Its untraditional outline, basic colorways, and the solace of specialists, for example, the Primeknit and Boost added to its buildup. Furthermore, when LA-based originator and innovative chief of Fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo posted photos of these shoes, the fame hit the rooftop. The plan brags about a cutting edge running outline that highlights a weave sock upper and legacy Adidas points of interest. The cutting-edge execution on the best has likewise been composed as to help the execution of the outsole.

NikeLab Air Force 1 Mid “Vachetta Tan”

Hender Scheme changed the vegetable tanned calfskin sneakers into an up and coming sneaker’s mold patterns. This Japanese brand is best known for its outlines, famous rose-tinted tones on a characteristic tanned cowhide look had soon gone ahead to rouse a few other reproduction plans on the most recent design patterns for men. Nike turned out with its ‘Vachetta Tan’ Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle, which featured this eminent utilization of the calfskin treatment. This further motivated the NikeLab Air Force 1 Mid “Vachetta Tan”, with an unquestionable incredible outline, and sneakers highlight that concentrated on the upper which was evident that any extra marking, which was generally found on the foot sole area, toe or Velcro tie. The shoe accompanies a basic white padded sole and outsole, however with a look at the base uncovers a cold translucent sole. Want more of this? click here..

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Is The Stigma Of Gaming Deserved?


One only needs to type video games in their search bar to find numerous articles, statistics and news about the bad influence video games have on children and the negative impact gaming has on our society. The media has yet again disappointed by circulating hypotheses without taking their time to verify the truthfulness of what they are saying and the news that gaming is responsible with the misbehavior of our kids and the violence in schools spread like wildfire, the article headers becoming more brutal and wild in their assumption with each day passing and causing panic among parents. There is nothing to gain by putting down gamers and the whole gaming industry, on the contrary, parents that listen to the news and do not trust their children will only damage the parent-child relationship and possibly lose their authority in the long run.

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The most disturbing fact is that gaming was not proven to affect players like the published statistics presumably showed, not even the most violent video games are in fact affecting the behavior of the players. On the contrary, video games generally teach good ethics and morals, provide stress release and help payers gain a set of skills useful in real life such as multitasking and longer attention span. Visit any gaming site and you will also notice that video games players are more likely to take on challenging tasks, not to mention that they learn that they need to work hard to achieve their desires.

Older video games players are also shunned by the society that considers games unfit for an adult. It has become common knowledge that gamers are “addicted” and “do not have a life”, are good at avoiding “responsibilities” and are too “childish” to be trusted with anything. However, if you stop to think about it, there is no difference between people that spend their free time watching television, going to the movies, networking or reading books and people that prefer gaming. Why is only gaming considered waste of time? The stigma should apply to all means of entertainment or none. What is more, the biggest stigma is that gamers are anti-social, which is not only a lie; it is also far from the truth. Gamers have strong communities where they engage in communication with other people of the same mindset and preferences. Any gaming website will prove the idea that gamers are anti-social wrong. There might be anti-social people among gamers, that is true, but that might also be the case with those reading books. What is more, these gaming communities also establish meetings and often gamers get to know people from different environments and cultures.

A strong passion for something is more likely to give you strength and help you interact better with others, because you have something in common. Games are an interesting topic that brings people together. You can see that on any gaming site. The people you meet on gaming websites can easily become your closest friends, so the myth that gamers are anti-social is easily debunked.

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Popular Game Releases In The Past Years

In the past couple of years, the gaming industry has gone through a lot of changes and this time it’s not graphics that made a difference. Having detailed and realistic graphics has become quite common, so this is not the criterion that makes a difference. When two games are equally impressive in terms of graphics, players look at other aspects to choose their favorite, such as the complexity of the characters, the storyline, the themes tackled, the soundtrack, locations and so on. As a whole, players are more demanding than ever, so the recent releases that have managed to tick all the boxes are borderline masterpieces. From shooters to MOBAs, here are the most popular options you can find on a gamers private network!

[Is The Stigma Of Gaming Deserved?]

League of Legends might not have been come out recently, but the past couple of years have market its rise to power. By far the most widely played MOBA, it won the hearts of people of all over the world, so much so that it leads in online tournaments and has a truly impressive fan base. If you join the best gaming website or forum, League of Legends will definitely at the top. Reasons why people love this MOBA vary from the social side of the game to the rich lore, character variety and easy to learn gameplay. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is another major success, this time thanks to its hyper realistic graphics and immersive plot. The game is available for both PC and platforms and has kept fans up at night with its huge number of fun missions. Besides, it’s an open world game and it lets you explore it and interact with it at your own pace. Another popular open world game, this time released in 2014, Destiny, created quite a hype, more prior to its launch than afterwards. The trailers and previews made gamers really excited with their glimpses of awe-inspiring graphics and space locations and a lot of people signed up for pre-order, but the enthusiasm faded after they found out that the narrative left much to be desired.

As always, shooters enjoyed a great deal of popularity. Examples include Halo, Call of Duty, Half Life and Mass Effect. As for fantasy video games, the most purchased and downloaded ones were The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Dragon Age Inquisition and Resident Evil. Though not as popular, simulation games such as EA’s FIFA had quite a few downloads, especially on consoles. For 2015, the most popular games are expected to be the Witcher 3, Dark Souls II, Dying Light and the following installment of the Resident Evil franchise. If you are interested in either one of these options or would like to discover less know releases, become a part of the community by joining a gaming network. You can play with people all over the world, share your impressions and achievements and, most importantly, hone your skills!

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