Is The Stigma Of Gaming Deserved?


One only needs to type video games in their search bar to find numerous articles, statistics and news about the bad influence video games have on children and the negative impact gaming has on our society. The media has yet again disappointed by circulating hypotheses without taking their time to verify the truthfulness of what they are saying and the news that gaming is responsible with the misbehavior of our kids and the violence in schools spread like wildfire, the article headers becoming more brutal and wild in their assumption with each day passing and causing panic among parents. There is nothing to gain by putting down gamers and the whole gaming industry, on the contrary, parents that listen to the news and do not trust their children will only damage the parent-child relationship and possibly lose their authority in the long run.

[Popular Game Releases In The Past Years]

The most disturbing fact is that gaming was not proven to affect players like the published statistics presumably showed, not even the most violent video games are in fact affecting the behavior of the players. On the contrary, video games generally teach good ethics and morals, provide stress release and help payers gain a set of skills useful in real life such as multitasking and longer attention span. Visit any gaming site and you will also notice that video games players are more likely to take on challenging tasks, not to mention that they learn that they need to work hard to achieve their desires.

Older video games players are also shunned by the society that considers games unfit for an adult. It has become common knowledge that gamers are “addicted” and “do not have a life”, are good at avoiding “responsibilities” and are too “childish” to be trusted with anything. However, if you stop to think about it, there is no difference between people that spend their free time watching television, going to the movies, networking or reading books and people that prefer gaming. Why is only gaming considered waste of time? The stigma should apply to all means of entertainment or none. What is more, the biggest stigma is that gamers are anti-social, which is not only a lie; it is also far from the truth. Gamers have strong communities where they engage in communication with other people of the same mindset and preferences. Any gaming website will prove the idea that gamers are anti-social wrong. There might be anti-social people among gamers, that is true, but that might also be the case with those reading books. What is more, these gaming communities also establish meetings and often gamers get to know people from different environments and cultures.

A strong passion for something is more likely to give you strength and help you interact better with others, because you have something in common. Games are an interesting topic that brings people together. You can see that on any gaming site. The people you meet on gaming websites can easily become your closest friends, so the myth that gamers are anti-social is easily debunked.

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Popular Game Releases In The Past Years

In the past couple of years, the gaming industry has gone through a lot of changes and this time it’s not graphics that made a difference. Having detailed and realistic graphics has become quite common, so this is not the criterion that makes a difference. When two games are equally impressive in terms of graphics, players look at other aspects to choose their favorite, such as the complexity of the characters, the storyline, the themes tackled, the soundtrack, locations and so on. As a whole, players are more demanding than ever, so the recent releases that have managed to tick all the boxes are borderline masterpieces. From shooters to MOBAs, here are the most popular options you can find on a gamers private network!

[Is The Stigma Of Gaming Deserved?]

League of Legends might not have been come out recently, but the past couple of years have market its rise to power. By far the most widely played MOBA, it won the hearts of people of all over the world, so much so that it leads in online tournaments and has a truly impressive fan base. If you join the best gaming website or forum, League of Legends will definitely at the top. Reasons why people love this MOBA vary from the social side of the game to the rich lore, character variety and easy to learn gameplay. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is another major success, this time thanks to its hyper realistic graphics and immersive plot. The game is available for both PC and platforms and has kept fans up at night with its huge number of fun missions. Besides, it’s an open world game and it lets you explore it and interact with it at your own pace. Another popular open world game, this time released in 2014, Destiny, created quite a hype, more prior to its launch than afterwards. The trailers and previews made gamers really excited with their glimpses of awe-inspiring graphics and space locations and a lot of people signed up for pre-order, but the enthusiasm faded after they found out that the narrative left much to be desired.

As always, shooters enjoyed a great deal of popularity. Examples include Halo, Call of Duty, Half Life and Mass Effect. As for fantasy video games, the most purchased and downloaded ones were The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Dragon Age Inquisition and Resident Evil. Though not as popular, simulation games such as EA’s FIFA had quite a few downloads, especially on consoles. For 2015, the most popular games are expected to be the Witcher 3, Dark Souls II, Dying Light and the following installment of the Resident Evil franchise. If you are interested in either one of these options or would like to discover less know releases, become a part of the community by joining a gaming network. You can play with people all over the world, share your impressions and achievements and, most importantly, hone your skills!

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