One of the most difficult rooms in a house to move is a home gym. Gym equipment is heavy, difficult to carry and expensive to transport. But regardless, you have to do something with it come moving day and here are some tips to keep you organized and ready to move!


Sell, Sell, Sell

Selling things online nowadays is simple. Online marketplaces such as craigslist or usedvancouver for example allow you to sell anything you want for free! Selling your old equipment is easy and convenient as the people you sell your equipment to will have to pick it up as well. You’ll find that lots of people are looking for used equipment so make sure you price whatever your selling appropriately as you may be surprised how sought after home personal training equipment can be. If you don’t feel comfortable listing your equipment online, you can also go the old fashioned route and have a garage sale. Post flyers around your neighborhood and sell not only your old gym equipment but other things you don’t want as well.

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Give it Away

Fitness equipment can be expensive and many not-for-profit organizations cannot afford to buy gym equipment for their facilities. For example, a local school would be happy to accept any donated gym equipment as they always want to provide fitness option for the kids. If you don’t really need the money or want to deal with the hassle of selling, taking the road of a good Samaritan is a great option.

Buy, Buy, Buy

Now that you have sold or given away most of your home fitness equipment, you now have the money to buy new equipment! When you are thinking of buying equipment, make sure to reflect on what you had before and if you actually used all of the equipment. There will be no sense in buying another treadmill if you didn’t use the old one you had in your basement for the past 5 years. It’s also a good time to consider what new equipment is available to you and to do some research on brands and equipment quality. One thing I always like to do is check with my personal trainer friends who work with fitness equipment every day. Often times, they’ll have some really great ideas for ways to save money while getting the best quality equipment available.

No matter what you decide to do, moving can be seen as a time to upgrade much of the current equipment which will in the end avoid the hassle of moving and lugging around that heavy equipment

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