Before you attempt to step onto casino floor, there are several do’s and don’ts you need to have in mind. Some may seem obvious,but you’d be surprised at how many people would do and/or do the following things without a 2nd thought in mind. Pay attention to this article to find out if you’ve been doing it right and for further information check out Slots Mummy.

-Assuming that you will win

Any successful gambler knows that you start out every gambling session with the attitude that you’ll lose. It sounds like we’re dampening the mood, but assuming that you’ll win is a mistake because gambling is ultimately a game of chance.

-Assuming that you deserve a win

Just because you are having loss after loss, doesn’t mean that your heater is around the corner. Don’t re-assure yourself by saying ‘this slot will eventually pay out’ or the ‘I’m due a big win’. The ideal slot machine operates on 100% randomness.

-Trusting in your strategy

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in YouTube university looking for slot machine hacks/strategies, because just so you know; there are none. Again, because slot machines operate on randomness.

cheat on cards

-I will cheat the casino

Try your best and do what no man has ever succeeded because news alert; the house always wins. Plus it’s not worth entertaining this thought anyway because some excessive jail time is also part of the bargain. If you attempt this, you either end up with a lot of lost time, money or both.


-Bonus nut

These types of punters go nuts over the prospects offered on different casino signing bonuses. Every casino patron knows that being in a loyal relationship with your casino has amazing benefits to be reaped in the short and long run. New members are offered free rounds, free meals, casino complimentary services and more. Instead of hopping from one casino to another, handing over your private details, waiting through ridiculous waiting periods and more, you’d rather just identify one you like and stick with it. Don’t be a bonus nut.

Have you ever caught yourself doing one or more of the above? It’s not too late to make a change. Catch yourself next time before you make one of these epic gambling fails.