In the past couple of years, the gaming industry has gone through a lot of changes and this time it’s not graphics that made a difference. Having detailed and realistic graphics has become quite common, so this is not the criterion that makes a difference. When two games are equally impressive in terms of graphics, players look at other aspects to choose their favorite, such as the complexity of the characters, the storyline, the themes tackled, the soundtrack, locations and so on. As a whole, players are more demanding than ever, so the recent releases that have managed to tick all the boxes are borderline masterpieces. From shooters to MOBAs, here are the most popular options you can find on a gamers private network!

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League of Legends might not have been come out recently, but the past couple of years have market its rise to power. By far the most widely played MOBA, it won the hearts of people of all over the world, so much so that it leads in online tournaments and has a truly impressive fan base. If you join the best gaming website or forum, League of Legends will definitely at the top. Reasons why people love this MOBA vary from the social side of the game to the rich lore, character variety and easy to learn gameplay. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is another major success, this time thanks to its hyper realistic graphics and immersive plot. The game is available for both PC and platforms and has kept fans up at night with its huge number of fun missions. Besides, it’s an open world game and it lets you explore it and interact with it at your own pace. Another popular open world game, this time released in 2014, Destiny, created quite a hype, more prior to its launch than afterwards. The trailers and previews made gamers really excited with their glimpses of awe-inspiring graphics and space locations and a lot of people signed up for pre-order, but the enthusiasm faded after they found out that the narrative left much to be desired.

As always, shooters enjoyed a great deal of popularity. Examples include Halo, Call of Duty, Half Life and Mass Effect. As for fantasy video games, the most purchased and downloaded ones were The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Dragon Age Inquisition and Resident Evil. Though not as popular, simulation games such as EA’s FIFA had quite a few downloads, especially on consoles. For 2015, the most popular games are expected to be the Witcher 3, Dark Souls II, Dying Light and the following installment of the Resident Evil franchise. If you are interested in either one of these options or would like to discover less know releases, become a part of the community by joining a gaming network. You can play with people all over the world, share your impressions and achievements and, most importantly, hone your skills!

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